Pancake Race Riots

Since today is Pancake Day (aka Shrove Tuesday; Fat Tuesday), I thought I’d post this excerpt from the latest draft of the novel. Enjoy!

The Brocklee Bugle – February 17, 2010


Shrove, Fat Tuesday Traditions Clash

BROCKLEE—It was a wild evening in Brocklee when a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race turned into a Mardi Gras block party.

Authorities are still piecing together a timeline, but based on preliminary statements and eyewitness accounts, the sequence of events went as follows:

Around 3:30pm, citizens began to gather near the intersection of 7th and Vine in anticipation of the 3rd Annual Pancake Race, a community event hosted by The Humble Grocery.

At 4:00pm Brocklee PD closed sections of 6th, 7th, Euclid, and Vine streets to be used in the Pancake Race.

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